Line Voltage PIR High Bay 
Dimming Sensor S708-P-DZB


Zigbee Compatible Line Voltage PIR High Bay Sensor S708-P-DZB


  •   Line voltage on/off control of lighting fixture(s).
  •   Multi-element PIR detector has excellent sensing performance across wide range of temperatures.
  •   Up to 2,100 ft² coverage area at 41 ft mount height.
  •   0(1)-10V dimming control compatible with dimmable LED drivers and fluorescent ballasts.
  •   1 second to 60+ minutes standby and dimming time delays for a wide range of installations and applications.
  •   Daylight harvesting functionality observes ambient light threshold set at measured or preset light levels.
  •   Built-in quick installation testing mode.
  •   Using appropriate software, Zigbee control allows effortless setup, adjustment, override, and automation.
  •   UV resistant, flame retardant, impact resistant, and recyclable polycarbonate construction.

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