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EuControls is dedicated to the research and development of LED control systems. As a leading innovator, designer and manufacturer of LED control systems, we develop and continuously grow our products based on field applications and input from customers including many leaders in the LED lighting industries.

As one of the leading edge LED lighting system suppliers in the world, with a dedicated focus in LED control systems, we take full advantage of our experience and resources in lighting systems to offer advanced technology products. With exceptional performance and reliability we offer a variety of selections to meet your needs for the fast evolving and growing LED control market. And with our own cost effective factories, we are able to offer the greatest value for our innovative LED control systems.

With world-wide headquarters in Los Angeles, we are just a phone call away from offering you innovative LED control products for your LED control applications.

Please visit our product page to select the products that fit your needs, or let our sales team help you with the solution to your LED control requirements.






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